Hazeldene Lower School

. . . 2013-2014

** Multiskills **

Bunyan Sports Centre on 23rd May (updated: 28th Nov 2014)
Becasue of the rain, Y4, Y3 and Y2 went to Bunyan Sports Centre where they enjoyed a variety of different sporting activities such as mini tennis, golf and cricket. Fun was had by all the children. Click here to see who went. Photos will be added shortly, in the meantime here is what some of the children had to say about the day......

Evie: The golf was really fun. We did come last but it was really fun. My friend Lavern said she hasn't played before. I was happy when I heard I was playing golf!
John: I think the golf was a really fun game. I did not wantt o go home! i really liked all the games I played, but my favourite one was the one where you had hoop, you hit the ball in and it could bot come out.

Y2 at St Thomas Moore on 18th November (updated: 28th Nov 2014)
A selection of Y2 pupils went to St Thomas Moore to enjoy a Multi Sports session along with other schools. The children took part in 9 various sporting activities ranging from hockey, tag, golf, football, etc which helped them with their ball control, hand eye co-ordination and other valueble sporting skills. All the children had a fantastic time! Mia won the award for determination. Well done Mia! Don't forget to look at all the photos

Amelia wrote this about the day:
"Today we where at a sports festival. We went there by a yellow coach. First we ate our lunch, after that we done some nice sports activities. At the beginning I was worried but later I enjoyed the day."

Y4 - Multiskills at Newnham Middle
(Outdoor Adventure Activity, Goalball & Tag Rugby - Click here to see who went)

Tag Rugby Updates...
18 March 2014 : Our Tag Rugby team enjoyed a lovely presentation and opening.....***

6 March 2014 : On Friday 7th March the Tag rugby team will be competing in the Level 3 County Finals.  We would like to wish our team good luck - enjoy the game!

14 Nov 2013 : Our Tag rugby team took part in the semi-finals on the 8th November and won sliver (they came 2nd) They go through to the finals in March 2014!

On 18th October our Tag Ruby Team took part in the multiskills competition at Newnham Middle. They won their competition and are now taking part in the District Finals on 8th November . Well Done to all of them!!!
The highlights for the team were......

Amayah : I liked the excitement of coming first place and being in the final.
Destiny : The best was WINNING!!!
Harley : I felt really happy when we scored tries.
Harrison : I kept dodging the other team when they tried to tag me. It was so much fun.
James : The best part was breaking through the defense lines.
Lois : My favourite part was when I was on the pitch playing with the rest of my team.
Millie : It was a nice feeling to be the winners and going through to the finals which is on Friday.
Noah : The best was grabbing the other teams tags and scoring tries.
Scott : I enjoyed running away from the other team when I had the ball.
Thomas : It was fun to take the other teams tags but when I got close to the try lines I'd pass the ball to someone else on my team to help score a try.


** Cricket **

After school cricket club photos (Updated: 8th July 2014)

Pupils had fun playing cricket on 25th April. Click here to see the photos (Updated: 7th May 2014)

** Tennis **

On 3rd June a group of our KS2 pupils (click here to see who went) went to the Riverside Tennis Club to enjoy a tennis competition. Click here to see the photos (Updated: 10th June2014)

On 19th March Riverside Tennis Club will be joining our Reception pupils for fun tennis games in the morning. Click here to see the photos (Updated: 23rd April 2014)

Tennis (Updated: 10th October 2013)
Riverside Tennis Club came to spend time with our Year 1's on 10th September 2013. Morgain & Max (1P) were asked what they thought of the day.....

Morgain : I liked it when I threw the ball to my my partner. The coach taught us how to hit the ball by holding the tennis racket with two hands. It was fun!
Max : I liked hitting the balls. It was fun throwing them too. We think everyone had lots of fun!!!
Click here to see our photos


** Rounders **

Rounders at Newnham Middle on 9th May 2014. (Updated: 14th May 2014) *
A team of Year 4's had fun playing rounders against 3 other schools (Hills Academy, Goldington Green & Brickhill Lower) at Newnham Middle last week Friday. The children really enjoyed taking part and learning how rounders is played. Read what some of the team had to say about their experience below. Click here to see the photo

Cameron George The game was so much fun and I really enjoyed taking part. I nearly managed to get someone out. There was a funny moment when someone nearly got me out but he dropped the ball. As he went to pick it up he accidentally kicked it away from him and I managed to complete a rounder.
Destiny Burke It was lots of fun and even though we've played rounders before in P.E, it was the first time I've ever played against other schools. My favourite part was the whole game, I enjoyed everything about it!
Maryam Magre At first I was a bit nervous as it was the first time I've played against other schools. My favourite part was getting people out and running to each of the posts. I almost got caught out once when it was my turn to bat. I hit the ball and the catcher caught the ball but then dropped it.
Kirsty Derby I was really scared at first and Mrs Lewis had to run with me when I first started the game. I'd never played the game before and wasn't sure how to play it. Towards the end I was more confident and really enjoyed the game.

Marissa Edwards, Ethan Parsons, Scott Chaplin, Callum Cadel,
Faithlouise Powrie and Noah Windridge were also part of the team


** Volleyball **

Sitting Volleyball on 5th March 2014 (Updated: 6th March 2014)
Year 4's attended sitting Volleyball. There were 6 teams, 2 from Hazeldene, 2 from Castle Lower and 2 from Brickhill Lower.  Both our teams came joint second.  Tanisha was presented with a 'determination' certificate' and Faithlouise with a 'Passion' certificate.  These are two of the School Sports Partnership values. Well done to all the children that attended. Click here to see the photos.

Noah Windridge
Cole Powell
Faithlouise Powrie
Taite Halls
James Anderson
Santino LaBand
Maryam Magre
Tanisha Grant-Levine
Jack Perry
Rimini Gibbons


** Gymnastics **

Y3 Gymnastics Festival on 10th January 2014 (Updated: 22nd Jan 2014)
A selection of Y3 pupils went to Lincroft Middle School where they enjoyed a taster session of gymnastics coached by Falcon Gymnastics. The children all enjoyed themselves and tried their best. Have a look at all the photos here
Read what some of them had to say......

Alysia : I enjoyed it when we worked in pairs and used our partners to lean back and hold each other up. We did lots of rolling and tuck jumps on the floor and on the air track. The trampet was lots of fun too. I learned that it is very important to warm up before doing any exercises and if you don't you could really hurt yourself.
Grace : I enjoyed the air track the best and learning to do all the jumps. I had lots of fun at the gymnastics festival
Isabelle : We did lots of different jumps on the air track which I enjoyed. The key to doing the jumps properly was to jump really high and that way you can do the best pose.
Jamie : My favourite part was the airtrack. The warm ups which involved stretching was the most difficult part. The gymnastics was lots of fun and it made me feel very happy
Jennifer : I loved the trampet and air tracks. I used to do gymnastics before so I enjoyed everything and didn't find anything too difficult, I liked the certificate we got in the end.
Vladimir : I enjoyed the airtrack the best. We learned how to do different jumps such as tuck jump, star jump, straight jumps and rollie pollies. I never knew how to do a forward rollie pollie properly before.


** Handball **

Y4 Handball Competition (Updated: 14th Nov 2013)
Kelly Rolfe from the Schools Sports Partnership came to Hazeldene and the Y4's took part in a Handball Competition. Click here to see the photos. Comments from some children that took part will follow shortly.

** Logo Competition **

Sports Logo Competition Winner (Updated: 7th Nov 2013)
Some of the children entered in a school sport logo competition that and the winner was Adrian from 1P.  His winning logo will be printed on t-shirts that competitors will be wearing at the Winter and Summer School Games.  He will also be given a printed t-shirt for himself as a prize for winning with his logo printed on it.
Adrian says he's very excited about winning and he can't wait for his t-shirt to arrive and hopefully some sweeties too!!! Well done Adrian!!!! Hazeldene is very proud of you!


(last updated July 2014)

High 5 Netball Club * 8th July 2014
After school cricket club * 8th July 2014
Y2 Visit Beds University for Multiskills * 11 June 2014
3NT Gymnastics in P.E 6th June 2014
Y3 and Y4 Tennis 3rd June 2014 (see the team)
KS2 Quadkids Competition 16th May 2014 (see the team)
KS1 Multiskills 28th March 2014 (see the team)
Riverside Tennis with Reception 19th March 2014
Tag Rugby Finals 7th March 2014 (find out more)
Y4 Sitting Volleyball 5th March 2014    (see the team)
Y3NT Enjoying multiskills in P.E 11th February 2014
Y3 Gymnastics Festival 10th January 2014    (see the team)
2B Enjoying a Multiskills PE Lesson 14th November 2013
Y2 Multiskills 13th November 2013    (see the team)
Y4 Handball 6th November 2013
Y4 Multi Skills Tag Rugby 18th October 2013
2L having fun on the new trim trail 30th September 2013
Riverside Tennis Club with the Year 1's September 2013


Date Location Description Photos Group
18th October Newnham Middle Multi Sports yes KS2
13th November St Thomas Moore Multi Skills yes KS1
10th January Lincroft Middle Gymnastics Competition yes KS2
17th March Goldington Academy Multi Sports *   KS2
28th March Biddenham Upper Multi Sports * yes KS1
16th May Harrowden Middle Quadkids Competition * yes KS2
20th May Bunyan Sports Centre Summer Multiskills *   KS2
3rd June Riverside Tennis Club Tennis Competition *   KS2
16th June St Gregory's Middle Summer Games   KS1

3rd June Tennis Competition

  • Grace Storton
  • Chloe Darlow
  • Katie Willis
  • Destiny Burke
  • Matthew Souris
  • James Anderson
  • Taite Halls
  • Callum Cadel


20th May 2014 Multiskills Teams

Y2 & 3
  • Lucas Tomei
  • Connor O'Brien
  • Marissa Edwards
  • Harry Tomlinson
  • Priya Banghard
  • Callum Cadel
  • Cameron George
  • Tanisha Grant-Levine
  • Harrison Grant
  • Ash-shon Dacres
  • Santino La-Band
  • Owen Joy
  • John Holland
  • Leroy Moi
  • Lavern Peccoo
  • Ethan Mearns
  • Evie Atkinson
  • Thai Graham
  • Paige Ware
  • Klaudia Sikora-Fedyra
  • Scott Chaplin
  • Taite Halls
  • Amayah Box
  • Millie Bennett
  • Cole Powell
  • James Anderson
  • Alysia Powell
  • Jake Esposito
  • Jayden Hewitt
  • Jakob Limer

16th May 2014 Quadkids Competition

  • Jake Esposito
  • Joshua Edwards
  • Hasan Rashid
  • Jasper Maxim-Godden
  • Grace Storton
  • Mia-Rae Daniels
  • Katie Willis
  • Isabelle Delaney
  • Eshan Shah
  • Oliver Mulholland
  • Matthew Souris
  • Anthony Simon
  • Holly Storton
  • Katie Jones
  • Varinia Ventour
  • Chloe Darlow

28th March 2014 Multiskills Teams *

  • Anais Browne
  • Sophie Butler
  • Iris Chueng
  • Kady-Mae Daniels
  • Lucy Deller
  • Jabed Hussain
  • Isabel Kemp
  • Jasmine Miley
  • Izzy Moore
  • Heidi Norman
  • Jeevan Singh
  • Freddie Skeel
  • Grace Waters
  • Amelie Winger
  • Sean Young
  • Jessica Barnes
  • Annabeel Freeman
  • Jakob Limer
  • Ella Noboa
  • Amelia Bezati
  • Eva Souter
  • Beth Norman
  • Danica Barnett
  • Isabel Martins
  • Leo Martin
  • Tommy Dawson
  • Tom Merritt
  • Jayden Hewitt
  • Luca Connor
  • Chelsey Edwards


17th March 2014 Multiskills Teams *

  • Marissa Edwards
  • Ash-shon Dacres
  • Rahul Dhap
  • Santino La-Band
  • Harry Tomlinson
  • Lucas Tomei
  • Isaiah Cooke
  • Nicholas Ellis
  • Cameron George
  • Thomas Barker
  • Connor O'Brien
  • Angel Wood
  • Evie Atkinson
  • John Holland
  • Eric Bardoczy
  • Gabriella Caves
  • Matthew Cox
  • Kirsty Derby
  • Thai Graham
  • Taite Halls
  • Amirah Islam
  • Ethan Mearns
  • Lavern Peccoo
  • Cole Powell
  • Faithlouise Powrie
  • Klaudia Sikora-Fdyna
  • Hayden Whitaker
  • Sebastian Tolcz
  • Ethan Parsons

10th January 2014 Gymnastics Competition

  • Chloe
  • Varinia
  • Mia-Rae
  • Grace
  • Hasan
  • Jennifer
  • Archie
  • Zahid
  • Eshan
  • Vladimir
  • Vanessa
  • Sophie N
  • Izzy
  • Harley
  • Esha
  • Zach Altieri
  • Isabelle Burgoyne
  • Deangelo Cann
  • Bethany Chapman
  • Stefan Devic
  • Katie Jones
  • Jamie Marchant
  • Whitney Moi
  • Oliver Mulholland
  • Mia Nugent
  • Alysia Powell
  • Simran Sanghera
  • Oliver Slater
  • Matthew Souris
  • Katie Willis


13th November Multiskills Teams

  • Mia Young
  • Millie Coulson
  • Jacob Evans
  • Chiara Fiore
  • Joshua Ford
  • Jennifer Hall
  • Shelby Mearns
  • Eva Merola
  • Verity Robinson
  • Bethany Rogers
  • Elijah Sancto
  • Aliyah Shah
  • Isaiah Williams
  • Daisy Thomas
  • James Summerfield
  • Amelia Bezati
  • Sophia Eason
  • Amna Jahangir
  • Oliver Paxon
  • Sara Lovell
  • Natasha Rah
  • lShudhit Sandhu
  • Shaan Ubhi
  • Jake Garner
  • Aimee Joy
  • Claudia Kmieciak
  • Eve Newman
  • Lily Marjoribanks
  • Joey Lagatta
  • Ellie-Mae White (3NT)

18th October Multiskills Teams

(Outdoor Adventure Activity)
Tag Rugby
Ellie Alex Destiny
Jack P Callum Harley
Owen Kai Harrison
Rimini Maryam Lois
Tanisha Priya Thomas F
Jack S Abbie Amayah
Lucy David James
Luca Leroy Millie
Ruby Oliver Noah
Sophie Paige Scott



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