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Hazeldene School is situated in a very pleasant residential area of Bedford but is close to the town’s major road systems. The school grounds are spacious and pleasant and have been further enhanced by a major planting scheme to mark the millennium. A conservation/pond area and a heated outdoor swimming pool are valuable resources which we exploit to the full.

The school has a fine academic reputation, with excellent relationships between all in the school community.

Our academic standards are complemented by the excellence of our provision for music and sport. It is possible for the children to learn a wide range of instruments, including strings, woodwind and brass.

We are involved in a wide range of sporting activities, many of them outside normal school hours. These sports include football, hockey, netball, tag rugby, gymnastics and tennis. Most members of staff have recently undergone an intensive games teaching course.

Another great strength of the school is the quality of its relationships with the whole school community, including children, parents and governors. Our Ofsted Report states: "The school gives a high priority to spiritual, moral, social and cultural development." There are high expectations of social and moral behaviour and standards are excellent. The school is a very safe, orderly and caring community which encourages openness, honesty and concern for others. Staff, parents and children all work together to produce a peaceful atmosphere and pupils are courteous and considerate to others..... Behaviour throughout the school is excellent........ the pupils’ behaviour contributes to effective learning and good standards of achievement. ......... Parental involvement in the school is impressive and a well supported Parent Teacher Association helps to promote and reinforce good standards."

We welcome visits from prospective parents and are pleased to highlight the strengths of our school. Please feel free to contact us to arrange an appointment.



Our Performance

Information on the performance of the school is available from in the School Performance Tables published by the Secretary of State on the Department for Education’s website available here.


All information is correct at the time of publication & subject to change without notice. Please check with the school for the latest policies