Hazeldene Lower School

School Staff

(Last Updated: May 2018)

Mrs H Ward Headteacher, Strategic Leadership of the school, Health and Safety and Child Protection
Mrs V Kilroy Assistant Headteacher, Class Teacher (Foundation), Leader KS1 and Joint Leader for Maths, Assessment, and Child Protection
Mrs J Sumner Assistant Headteacher, Foundation & Nursery Leader, Class Teacher (Foundation), Joint Leader for Literacy, Personalised Learning, Subject Leadership and Child Protection
Mrs J Duchemin Assistant Headteacher, Class Teacher (Year 6), Leader Key Stage 2 (Y5-6) and Joint Leader for Literacy
Mrs J Chapman Class Teacher (Year 2) and leader for E-Safety & PHSE
Mrs S Lewis Class Teacher (Year 3) and Joint Leader for Physical Education and Educational Visits & Journeys
Mrs K Lowe Class Teacher (Foundation) and Leader for History
Mrs J Pocock Class Teacher (Year 1) Leader for Science, Environmental Studies and Sustainable Schools
Mrs V Norman SENDco, Leader for Key Stage 2 (Y3-4) and Leader for Geography
Mrs V Tilbury Class Teacher (Year 4) and Leader for MFL
Mrs C Doherty Class Teacher (Year 1) and Leader for Art
Miss E Moulder Class Teacher (Year 5) and Leader for ICT
Mr A Redford Class Teacher (Year 3) and Leader for Religious Education
Mrs C Taylor Class Teacher (Year 4), Leader for Music
Miss Z Naseri Class Teacher (Year 2)
Mr A Rowland Class Teacher (Year 5)
Mr S Johnson Class Teacher (Year 6) and Joint Leader for Maths & Physical Education
Mrs V White Nursery Nurse
Teaching Assistants / Learning Support Assistants / Other
  • Mrs E Brome
  • Mrs W Carpenter
  • Mrs N Donaldson
  • Mrs T Eagles
  • Ms B Edgeworth
  • Miss R Gribble
  • Mrs M Hale
  • Mrs C Hall
  • Mrs H Haynes
  • Mrs N Harris (HLTA and Health & Safety)
  • Miss J Hearl
  • Mrs T Jeffers (Learning Mentor)
  • Mrs H LaFrance
  • Mrs S Logue
  • Ms S Lousada (HLTA)
  • Mrs A Magre (HLTA)
  • Miss E Mayles
  • Mrs S Newell (Clerical / Library)
  • Miss K O'Brien
  • Mrs J Riley
  • Mrs N Sangster
  • Mrs G Skeel
  • Mrs J Simmons
  • Mrs S Smith
  • Miss M Silvestrie
  • Mrs J Taylor
  • Miss S Thorman
  • Miss S Marlton (Nursery Manager)
  • Mrs A Button (LSA)
  • Mrs N Ford (Nursery Manager Maternity Cover)
  • Mrs E Storr (LSA)
School Business Manager Mrs P Everitt
School Office Manager Mrs E Norman
School Data Manager Mrs S McConville
ICT Technician Mrs B Mearns
Site Agent Mr A Ford
Relief Site Agent & Play Leader Mr S Denton
Kitchen Manager Mrs A McGrellis
Senior Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs L Jones
Care Club Manager Mrs S Logue
All information is correct at the time of publication & subject to change without notice. Please check with the school for the latest policies