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Hazeldene Care Club is based at the school and benefits from its own dedicated buildings and facilities as well as having access to the schools play area and sports field.

Care club is run by Mrs N Sangster with Mrs V Kilroy being the Care Club Manager.

If you would like more information regarding this facility, please call the Care Club directly* using the contact details shown below:

Contact Information

Please contact 01234 300100 press option 7 for Care Club or email [email protected]

Care Club Hours

COVID Prices
Morning 8.00-8.45 £4.50   During Covid our prices will be as follows:
Afternoon 3.20-6.00 £4.50 p/h   Morning: £4.50 Afternoon: £6.50

Ofsted Registration Number: EY109506


Additional Information for those attending the careclub

Equal Opportunities

All children and adults are valued as individuals without racial, gender or disability stereotyping. Every individual within the Childcare setting is positively encouraged to promote and develop a holistic attitude towards race, culture, language, disability, special needs and language. 

The employment of staff will reflect this policy in that any successful candidate will be made fully aware of their role in promoting these positive attitudes. Any discriminatory remarks or behaviour within the Childcare setting will be challenged.

Child Protection

The child Protection policy within the club will be that of the school’s and will strictly follow both Bedfordshire and national guidelines.

Positive Behaviour

Children in the Care Club will be encouraged to behave in a positive manner. They will have the opposite skills to negative behaviour modelled for them – for example closing a door quietly and moving safely and correctly around a room. In this way unacceptable behaviour can be dealt with by telling a child what they are doing that is wrong and then describing the behaviour that the child should adopt.

If a child is misbehaving this will be brought to the child’s attention along with the strategies of diverting the child’s attention, removing temptation and changing the setting.

Children will not be intimidated, made to appear foolish, deprived of food and drink or isolated. Parents will be informed if there is an ongoing problem.

If a child exhibits behaviours that are persistently disruptive or harmful then the Club can exercise the right to ask for that child to be removed.

Late collection Policy

You will have been given a letter detailing our late collection policy- if you need more clarification please ask a member of staff.

Security Policy

Everything within our powers is done to guarantee the safety of your children while they are at Care Club, to help us with this may we ask that parents work with us and make staff aware if anyone not known to the Care Club is dropping off and particularly picking up your child- if staff are not sure they will not release a child to a person they do not know.

For the general safety of all please do not answer the Care Club door, this should only be done by a member of staff.

Change of Circumstances

It is very important that we keep the records of your child up to date. If any details change throughout the year please pass them on so that our records can be amended.

Medication Policy

Childcare staff cannot administer medication to children without written consent from a parent. Medicines must be handed to a member of staff by a parent or carer so that the medicine can be put in a safe place away from all the children.

Please be aware that we cannot administer any Paracetamol® based medication and that we can only administer medication that has been prescribed by a Doctor. 

Children who are ill should be looked after at home for the sake of the child, otherchildren and members of staff.

If you have any questions or enquiries please contact the Care Club.


All information is correct at the time of publication & subject to change without notice. Please check with the school for the latest policies