Hazeldene Lower School

our school council


We are a group of children of different ages and from different classes who work together to help to improve our school. There are two representatives from each class, usually one boy and one girl. Each year we elect a new school council.

Meetings and Student Voice books
We meet regularly to discuss our ideas and we have student voice books which we take to each meeting. We use these books to write down any points and ideas of our classmates to share with the other councilors. We also write down what has been discussed at the meetings so we can tell our classes. This means that all of the students in our school can have a say in what happens at Hazeldene.

Fundraising and School projects
Over the years we have organised lots of events to raise money for our school and some charities. We hold a coffee morning every September to raise money Macmillan Cancer Research. Over the last seven years we have raised over £1800 for this charity.

We help at the Christmas and summer fairs every year by organising and running various games stalls. The money raised from one Christmas fair went towards the ‘tyre park’ on our school field.

We set up a lunchtime stationery shop which sells pencils, rubbers, note books etc. The money raised from this is spent on playground equipment.

We look forward to another busy and productive year where we hope to make even more improvements to our school.

meet this year’s councillors ....

All information is correct at the time of publication & subject to change without notice. Please check with the school for the latest policies